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For over 50 years I have been  involved in the building trade.  I have had homes and commercial buildings built.

It was a pleasure working with Bear, he is professional, does quality workmanship, easy to work with, dependable and is one of the best builders I have had work for me.  I highly recommend him.

Richard M. Deam

Sequim, WA

We have built four homes from the ground up and Bear is the fourth framer we have dealt with, but if he had been the first there would not have be a second. If we had known Bear when we started on the first house, he would have been the contractor for all of our projects. He is the hardest-working, smartest, and most economical contractor we have ever dealt with. Now when I have something to build I just call Bear because he saves me both time and money. I am an HVAC mechanic (with a reputation of being very fussy) and have met a lot of contractors, but none are in this man’s class. Not only does he listen to and do what a customer wants, but also he makes suggestions that make the project even better. He will build what you want, but when he has a suggestion I would advise listening to him because he has really good ideas. He is extremely easy to work with. He is also the only contractor we have ever worked with who makes cleaning up the jobsite each night part of the job. There is no contractor above him in our estimation. He is absolutely outstanding in every aspect of every job.
Bear is extremely modest, so feel free to ask him for our phone number. We will be more than happy to share our experiences with our contractor and now friend, Bear.

Paul and Linda Wiley

I have worked with Master-level Construction on three projects in 2010-11. The level of professionalism was very high, and the quality of finish excellent.  I plan to work with Master-level on several more new construction projects over the next twelve months.

John Green

Bainbridge Island, WA


Your professionalism and dedication to your craft impressed us both that very day and never wavered during the construction phase of our home.  We were new to not only the community but to the State of Washington and you made us feel like we were family – your family and you wanted to take care of us.  We appreciated that more that you could imagine. Let me just list some of those wonderful attributes that not only were shown to us by you but also by the members of your crew:

  • Always on time and ready to go work.
  • Flexible to our needs and requests no matter what was asked.
  • Construction knowledge and suggestions for new technology.
  • Professional and respectful of the requirements of the CCRs in the Port Ludlow community and our neighbors.
  • Saved us thousands of dollars and time spent in construction costs due to weather, engineering changes, and construction solutions to architectural details.
  • Recommendations for sub-contractors for all phases of construction, was not only of the highest quality but also for the best cost savings.

Your bid was your bid, never wavered never changed. If there was an additional cost to your bid, you explained in laymen terms so there was no question. Explained prior to the occurrence – no surprises.
Honesty and integrity always.

My husband has built a few homes when he was younger. So he does know construction and quality when he sees it. He never regretted his decision to hire Master Level. His only regret was with the housing market failing we couldn’t find more work for someone with such skill and professionalism.

In conclusion, we would recommend Master Level Construction to anyone who wants a high quality, honest professional that takes pride in his work. Whether he is working on a large home or small it makes no difference the quality is always first-rate. We believe that the construction of our home would not have been such a wonderful experience had it not been for that one day we were out for a walk and met Bear Broadrick on a roof he was framing. We would be like many homeowners who have a dream and then it becomes a nightmare. It is still a dream for us every time we drive by or have our neighbors tell us how beautiful our home is.

Charles and Sharon Jackson


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